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    General Rules Empty General Rules

    Post by +uc.Un1x on Mon Apr 06, 2009 9:30 am

    General Rules A

    1. Constantly Going Off-Topic
    Punishment: 1-10 Day Mute.

    2. Multiple Double Posting
    Punishment: 1-3 Day Mute.

    3. Triple Posting
    Punishment: 2-5 Day Mute.

    4. Quadruple Posting (or more)
    Punishment: 3-10 Day Mute.

    5. Emoticon Spamming
    Punishment: 1-10 Day Mute.

    6. Cursing/Foul Language/Sexual Explicit Terms
    Cursing/Foul Languages in English or in any other languages is not allowed.
    Sexually Explicit Terms will not be tolerated either.
    Punishment: 1-10 Day Mute.

    7. Making Multiple Topics About Same Thing
    There is no reason why there should be two topics on similar-exact topics. If
    you wish to talk about the same thing, go to the existing topic. If it is
    closed there is a reason why it is closed. If it open but very outdated, feel
    free to make a new topic.
    Punishment: 3-10 Day Mute.

    8. Speaking Languages Different Than English unless it’s allowed by the topic
    Punishment: 1-3 Day Mute

    9. Signature Violations
    Punishment : Signature Removal and 1-5 Day Mute.

    10. Spamming [S.tupid P.ointless A.nnoying M.essages]
    Spam are messages that have little or no meaning that are usually posted to
    raise post count, due to boredom, or just plain oblivion. Posts with less than
    five words may be seen as spam. So don't just say, "Thanks!", or
    "Hi!", or "Lol.", or "Yeah, thats cool.". Say
    something at least somewhat meaningful with it such as," Thanks for that
    information, it really helped me!", or "Hi, my name is Crayfish. I'm
    new to Pinoy Community!", or "That's funny, I never really saw it that way."
    Somewhat meaningful is better than no meaning. Also posting without even
    bothering to read the whole topic may be seen as spam as well.
    Punishment: 1-100 Day Mute, Infinite Mute, Account suspension, Account deletion
    or 1-100% post reductionl.

    11. Making New Account After First One Is Muted/Frozen
    There is reason why we did that, and you making a new account is just asking
    for us to do it again.
    Punishment: 1st offense - 14-day suspension of new account; 2nd offense - 30
    day suspension of new account; 3rd offense - Temp/Perma IP Ban

    12. Posting In Wrong Forum Section
    Punishment: From 1 Hour To 5 Days

    13. Abusing Report Post Command
    Punishment: 5-30 Days Mute Or Account Suspension

    14. Bumping Topics Multiple Times
    Do not bump it. Obviously it means no one is looking at it, they have nothing
    to say, the topic is dying, so just let the poor topic retire.
    Punishment: 1-10 Days Mute

    15. ABABAB Talking
    If it looks like a chat then it must be a chat. A forum is not for two people
    to make one topic and constantly talking to each other like an instant
    messenger. A forum is for a community to come together to discuss about
    whatever with a variety of people. Obviously, you have made a topic that only
    interested one other person, so bring it to PM, IM, or get more people.
    Punishment: 10 Days to forever mute or suspension

    16. Inappropriate Avatar and/or Signatures
    Now do I, and other people, have to look at butts, breast spillage, lingerie,
    overly exposed people, naked people, sexually suggestive pictures, or
    racist/offensive pictures? Not everyone does, so don't be selfish and think
    about others!
    Punishment: Removal of avatar and/or signature

    17. Harassment
    Harassment is the act of attacking other people physical, mentally, sexually,
    and socially. In this case, you can be doing any one of those with the words
    you write. Harassment can be done once or multiple times, so the more you
    harass the harsher the sanction.
    Punishment: 3 day mute to 14 day suspension

    18. Inappropriate topics/post
    If it has to do with drugs, beer, sex, harassment, it's inappropriate.
    Punishment: Topic Deletion, 3 day mute to 10 day suspension

    19. Don't make pointless topics/posts (excluding Chat Room)
    SEE FORUM RULE #16 Spam.
    Punishment: 1-15 day mute/suspension

    20. Harassment [Picture Threads Only]
    Harassment is the act of attacking other people physical, mentally, sexually,
    and socially. In this case, you can be doing any one of those with the words
    you write. Harassment can be done once or multiple times, so the more you
    harass the harsher the sanction. Furthermore, due to the nature of this topic,
    harassment within this topic will not be tolerated. Punishment is as follows
    and all other rules apply which may result in a much longer punishment than
    seen below.
    1st Offense~ 3-day mute
    2nd Offense~ 14-day account suspension
    3rd Offense~ 1-month IP ban


    General Rules B
    1. Do not insult, harrass or call people names as you wouldn't like to be be
    insulted aswell.
    Sanction: Be given a warning and if constantly repeating the same thing you
    will get banned from the forums.

    2. Do not use repetative strong language like "F***, S***, B****"
    Sanction: Be given a warning but if constantly doing the same thing you will be
    banned from the forums.

    4. Please Respek Forum Moderators, and Admins of course since we/they are here
    to Help you with whatever needs you require.
    Sanction: you will be permantly banned from the forums.

    5. We do not tolerate people spamming all over the forums to increase their
    post count. It's ok to like reply back and have long chats with people but
    spamming as in just typing one letter words or just emoticons
    Sanction: Be given a warning if caught spamming all over the forums. If
    constantly spamming your account will be banned. But if you remake a new
    account and constantly non-stop spamming you will be permantly banned from the

    6. Do not create threads in a different language.
    Sanction: Thread will be moved into the correct international forum that will
    be soon implemented, if it is in a language which fits the international
    forums. Others will be deleted and if you constantly create threads which has
    nothing at all and just for spam or advertising random stuff, you will be
    banned from the forums.

    7. Try to keep all threads in English because the main language of the Site is
    Sanction: The thread will be deleted.

    8. Do not post other peoples information onto the forums since it's their
    personal information. E.g. Someones email address or someone's sexual health.
    The person has their own privacy and wouldn't want you to just give away
    information without their permission.
    Sanction: The post which you provided someone else's personal information will
    be deleted. If you provide information that offences the person then you will
    be banned from the forums.

    9. Please Respect the mind property of any forum member, E.g. the usage of any
    information, that was created by forum members including guides, faqs,
    signatures, skins, avatars, slogans etc. Without the permittance of their
    respectable owners it is prohibited to use or steal other peoples work.
    Sanction: Anyone who ignores or break this rule will be warned by the Admin or
    a Moderator. If the situation repeats, it will lead to a account ban. If you
    create a new account and keep on doing the same thing we shall ban your
    permantly from the forums with a Ip Ban.


    -Punishments depend on case and when doing constantly again and again, will
    lead into account suspension instead of just mute.
    -Punishments can be given without warnings.

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